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Feasible Project


First, before entering into the establishment of the meaning of the term feasible project, what we must do is determine the etymological origin of the two words that shape it:
-Project derives from Latin, specifically "proiectus" which, in turn, emanates from the verb "proicere".
-Factible, on the other hand, is the result of the evolution of the Latin word "feasibility", which can be translated as "can be done." It should be noted that it is the result of adding the noun "factum" (fact) and the suffix "-ible", which is used to indicate possibility.

A draft It consists of various actions and ideas that interrelate and are carried out in a coordinated manner with the objective of achieving a goal. Feasible , on the other hand, is that which is susceptible of realization or concretion.

The notion of feasible project refers to those proposals that, due to their characteristics, can be materialized to provide solutions to certain problems . This means that feasible projects are viable and allow to meet a specific need, detected after a analysis .

Within the scope of the investigation, we can establish that these are the pillars on which any feasible project is based:
-Its purpose is none other than to propose a concrete solution to an existing practical problem.
-To develop, it must revolve around three types of objectives: processes, activities and action.
-The content of any such project must be made up of the following points within its structure: problem statement, clearly stated objectives, justification, the reference frame in question, the diagnosis, the feasibility, the proposal itself, the Recommendations and references used.

Suppose that, within the framework of a investigation , the existence of a problem is noticed. A feasible project will be one that, on the basis of a solid base arising from the research itself, offers a possible solution that can be implemented since, due to its characteristics, it is accessible.

For the development of a feasible project, it is necessary to develop a diagnosis of a certain situation. Once this is done, a theoretical support will allow the proposal to be carried out. At this point, it is also necessary to establish what resources will be needed and what methodology It will be used.

Specifically, when designing what is a feasible project, it must be done in steps, developing it by answering the following questions:
1-What to do?
2-Why carry it out?
3-Why is it necessary to undertake it?
4-How to do it?
5-Where to do it?
6-What is the scope?
7-When will it be done?
8-Who will undertake it?
9-What resources and means will be used?
10-What will happen next?
11-What limitations do you have?

In general, beyond the feasibility of the project in question, its viability is also analyzed from the point of view economic . There are projects that can be technically feasible, but not financially viable.

For example: if a school usually flooded because there are leaks, a feasible project to solve the problem would be to repair and waterproof the roof. On the other hand, a project that involves demolishing the current building and constructing a new one will not be feasible since, although in theory it could be carried out, it is neither logical nor convenient.