Homophobia it is the term that has been destined to describe the rejection, fear, repudiation, prejudice or discrimination against women or men who recognize themselves as homosexuals . In any case, the daily use of the word includes the others people contemplated in the sexual diversity , as is the case with bisexual and the transsexuals . Even those beings that maintain habits or attitudes that are usually attributed to the opposite sex, such as metrosexuals .

It should be noted that homophobia lacks a precise definition, since it is not a concept of strictly psychiatric outreach . Some people consider homophobic any person who does not endorse or does not manifest himself in favor of homosexuality. However, the notion refers to discrimination, that is, rejection or persecution.

Various statistics indicate that, worldwide, every two days a gay is a victim of a crime framed in homophobia. According International Amnesty , more than seventy countries persecute homosexuals and eight even condemn them to death.

The word homophobia was first used by the American psychologist George Weinberg in 1971 . Years ago, Wainwright Churchill had referred to the homoerotophobia .

Another related concept is the heterosexism or heterocentrism , which allows to give name to the belief that heterosexuals are, by nature, superior organisms in relation to homo and bisexuals.

Many religions they maintain a moral position of rejection of homosexuality, so they can be considered homophobic. Christian, Jewish and Islamic orthodoxy, for example, do not accept homosexuality as a person's natural sexual condition, but consider it to be an anomaly. Therefore, homosexuality appears as a sin .

Why is homophobia not a phobia?

It is necessary to point out that homophobia is not exactly a phobia , due to the characteristics that the differences. While in a phobia the emotion that motivates it is fear, homophobia is motivated by hate , which manifests itself in a moderate way (through bodily feelings of repulsion, such as psychological discomfort in front of homosexual people) or severe (through the psychomotor alteration that leads an individual to verbally or physically insult another of a homosexual condition, in some cases can even kill because of it).

In addition, a characteristic characteristic of phobias is that the reaction of individuals that suffer them, is to flee from what causes them fear, thus, someone who suffers acrophobia it tends not to put itself in high altitude situations to avoid such fear; on the contrary, homophobes seek encounters with homosexuals in order to prove to themselves that their position is correct, the way they do it is denigrating, humiliating and destroying anyone who meets the characteristics of a homosexual (not even it has to do with having confirmed his homosexuality, but with demonstrating an attitude that for the homophobic fits within the description of a homosexual).

The phobic tend to hide their disorder, they don't like to talk about it even if they know they may be in need of help, on the contrary, homophobes they want to make their thoughts public , make it a necessary battle and try to join those who think alike. A few days ago I read that homophobes were like vampires, because they try to infect anyone who crosses their path in hatred of homosexuals, I think this comparison serves to exemplify this point.

Finally, while people with phobias have full awareness of your disorder and they can talk about it to understand it, homophobes don't think there is a problem with them, rather that homosexuals have the problem. They seek to naturalize that brutal hatred that they eat and even reach such degrees of incoherence that they are able to affirm: "I am not a homophobic person ... the only thing that happens to me is that I cannot see two women (or men) together because that is not natural".

Why do people practice homophobia?

One of the issues that lead someone to become homophobic , is to suspect that he himself has a homosexual potential, as explained by Dr. Miguel Urbina, who says that the intensity of that repudiation of what comes from the outside world, generates some relief to those fears that come from the inner world.

The hegemony in today's societies, both in the West and in some countries in the East, has a model where the man is the one that marks the conditions under which life in society must develop. Women and everything related to the feminine are synonymous with weakness, and those men who pass the limit, abandoning their manhood in pursuit of greater sensitivity or different forms of expression than what is considered mandatory in their gender, are rejected and mistreated, considered inferior to the rest of their peers (studies state that this can be moved by the feeling of inferiority. In the end, the machistas feel that homosexuals are superior to them because they are free of social structures, they would never admit it !)

Homophobia History

The homophobia did not always exist In ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, the Maya, the Sumerians, the Chinese of the dynasty and the Greeks, same-sex sexual practices were allowed and even considered sacred. With the arrival of the Christian moral , which exerted a great influence on the societies of the Middle Ages, homosexuality was considered sinful, a crime and began to chase brutally to the people who will perform sex with any of their counterparts. Some of the theologians who promoted this ideology of persecution of homosexuals were the still praised and endorsed Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine. From then on, an absolutely hermetic way of thinking was instilled in regard to sexual practices, homosexuality, masturbation, oral sex and all those practices that this institution, the church considered as attacks on nature, were condemned. From that moment homosexuality adopted the moralistic description of the sin of sodomy, which is defended even today by Orthodox (and others who are not so much) of the Christian religion.

Despite what many believe and trying to make us think that the world is really changing, homophobia is part of all our societies. In the United States, thousands of teenage children they take their lives because of the rejection they suffer in school by their classmates just for showing an attitude considered unmanly, many others they are beaten and tortured in frightful ways and throughout the world many adults who have manifested their homosexuality must also endure insults of all kinds, until death in many cases (in the hands of homophobes or in their own because of the instability caused by psychological abuse) . Terms like tomboy fag , etc., should disappear forever from our vocabulary because through these insults, often used as a joke, is that we feed homophobia.

In recent years the exit of the closet of people who proclaim themselves homosexuals, in TV series or programs, could be collaborating with the dissemination of qualities such as tolerance and acceptance of the other regardless of their sexual condition. At this point it is worth mentioning the work of the American Ellen Degeneres , which has one of the most watched television programs and works tirelessly to change this reality flatly.

Despite the work being done, from these sectors that proclaim tolerance (which are not directed only by homosexuals, as it is believed), to this day homosexuals (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals) are victims of sexual abuse . Still in many countries they are prohibited from contracting marriage , which prevents the case being able to exercise their rights as a consolidated partner, and in the same way, they are not allowed to adopt children. They are also discriminated against at work, and the sexual intercourse between two people of the same gender are not approved either. For example, there are many complaints when a homosexual couple is simply kissing in a public place, which does not happen before heterosexual couples.